The Severn Story Book




It is here and it is great!


Every cottage owner on the Severn should have one. They make a wonderful Christmas gift. 


 They are price at $ 40.00 per copy plus delivery charges.

E-mail your orders to Theresa Smith at

SRAPO has high quality hats and Tee shirts for sale. The price is $ 20.00 for either one.

The designs are unique ones that were done by SRAPO member Gail Carter who is a retired art teacher. So if you like to wear special items that you will not see everywhere that you go, these are for you.

To order please e-mail your request to Theresa Smith

The new Loon design Tee shirts are available in the sapphire blue shown above and the darker blue shown at left. Hats are in black only. Other colours may be available later on. 


We have excellent pricing available for our older design Severn River Rat hats and Tee shirts. Hats are available in green and clay colours for $ 10.00 each. Tee shirts are available in kelly green, navy blue, white, natural and forest green but with a very limited (mostly smaller) size selection. The price for these Tee shirts is $ 5.00 each while they last. Not all sizes of Tee shirts are available in all colours.